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There is an old-fashioned charm about this whimsical design by Taetia. This charming story picture, with it’s the inky black background, combined with lovely hand-dyed wool threads and metal charms; it’s as though it has fallen out from the pages of a lovely old book!
Vintage charm with simple stitches.

This is the pattern and kit for Taetia McEwen’s charming design The Lost Crown. With simple stitches and whimsical charms and sequins, you can recreate this fairy princess’s garden and her quest to find her lost crown!

Personalise your picture by changing the title to include the name of your little princess, if you wish, and add your own name. You could hang your picture on the wall and make up a story to go with the picture of The Lost Crown, whenever your little princess visits it!

Taetia has presented her story picture in a 30cm (12 inches) hoop, however, you could make yours into a cushion if you wish, or a library bag, or whatever the little princess in your life desires!

Included is everything you need:

-full pattern and instructions

-Black Wool fabric

-3 star charms and a crown charm


-all silk and wool threads

-all notions



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