Inspirations Printed Pattern Blue Ribbon

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By Carolyn Pearce,  this design incorporates elegant loops and swirling tails of blue-violet ribbon crown the floral wreath on this superb ivory wool and cashmere blanket.

The blanket is backed and bound with ivory moiré fabric and edged with satin piping.

Inspirations Printed Patterns are premium quality booklets with a laminated cover, pull-out pattern sheet and comprehensive step-by-step instructions for the featured design, exactly as they appear in Inspirations Magazine.

Printed Patterns make a terrific gift for a friend or family member, are an ideal way of keeping your magazine in pristine condition, or are simply a much lighter and portable way of carrying around the instructions for a project you’re working on.

Finished Project Measures
105cm x 75cm wide (41 1/2″ x 29 1/2″)