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Designed and made from the heart by Taetia, this absolutely charming spindle will delight young and old forever!

The little mouse sits in her chair, knitting petals from the finest silk, under the light of her lamp. Teapot and teacup at the ready, she loves to sit and knit on her verandah. You can see her wallpaper through the window, knock on the door—you never know, there might be a little one sleeping inside!

This would make a lovely night light for a child—the little mouse keeping one eye on sleeping angels all night! All you will need to operate the carriage lamp is a doll’s house lighting transformer, so you can plug the carriage lamp into the wall. Please note that the transformer is not provided.

Included in the kit are: hand carved Australian native hardwood spindle, carriage lamp, all fabrics, threads, notions, full colour instructions, and teacup and saucer.

Please note: We have one only left of these. The remaining kit contains a GOLD lamp and a BLUE teacup and saucer.

The hand carved spindle stands 105mm  (just over 4 inches) tall.

If you would like to buy a kit for the toadstools in the mouse’s garden, you can buy it here:

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