Inspirations Issue 113


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Heralding the warm, sun-kissed months that bring colour to gardens and meadows, Inspirations issue 113 showcases beautiful designs from wildflowers scattered across a meadow and a tree of life set amongst alpine peaks to an ordered garden in counted work or a single, beautifully rendered rose in silk and goldwork.

Featured Projects

‘Inspirations Issue 113’ features the following projects:

  • Window of the Blue Dragonflies by Alison Cole
    Superb stumpwork panel featuring a rose, honeysuckle, thistle and pansy surrounded by dragonflies
  • Woodland Strawberries by Margaret Light
    Beautiful linen shoulder bag with crewel-embroidered luscious strawberries and flowers in full bloom
  • Allium Meadow by Jo Butcher
    A sun-kissed meadow filled with alliums and salvias growing above grasses sprinkled with cornflowers and cosmos
  • Mountain Oak by Anna Scott
    Stunning crewel cushion with a tree of life set among mountain peaks, worked in alpine colours
  • Sweet Eglantine by Cynthia Jackson
    Graceful, soft pink roses beautifully depicted with silk and metal threads
  • Wedgewood by Christine P. Bishop
    Blue linen stitching accessories featuring exquisite reticella embroidery
  • Wildflowers by Di van Niekerk
    Pretty wildflowers worked with hand-painted silk ribbon for a contemporary display
  • Squarely Check by Christine Burton
    Elegant pincushion with timeless flower and star motifs



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