Hand Carved Wooden Pot Osage Orange


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Each of these beautiful hand carved pots is unique and made in Australia, by our very own Adelaide wood turner.

They are made from Osage Orange, also known as hedge-apple, bowwood, and Osage Apple. The extremely high strength of this wood led to its use for archery bows. It has a lovely natural warmth to its colour, and the timber exudes a lovely camphor-like woody fragrance. Each lid fits snugly. So beautifully hand made!

They are perfect for displaying your own design and embroidery.

It is so simple to insert your project into the lid of these pots and would make a very special gift!

The pot lid is 63mm wide, and the inset for embroidering is 49mm across. The pot stands approximately 72mm tall, and approximately 72mm across at its widest point.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm