Follow Me! kit


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This little bunny has made a friend who can show him where to find the sweetest clover!

Using simple stitches and colouring pencils, you can recreate this sweet scene fast and easily.
Very easy stitches, very comprehensive instructions.
This delightful and original work by Taetia can be reproduced quickly and easily by you.
It uses simple stitches, combined with a few colouring pencils.

The design has been transferred onto the fabric for you, to save you the hassle of transferring it yourself!
There is also a small amount of excess fabric to practice stitches and pencil shading.

Included in the kit are the following:
-fabric square with design printed on it

-backing fabric for presentation as hoop art
-ample thread to complete the project
-pattern, picture and instructions

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Weight 0.058 kg
Dimensions 31 × 0.5 × 22 cm