Elegant Hardanger Embroidery


You can do Hardanger embroidery!

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Benefits of ‘Elegant Hardanger Embroidery’

Discover what it is like to study as if this wonderful teacher were at your side, as you learn from this wonderful Hardanger embroidery book:

  • how to easily create the stitches of Hardanger embroidery
  • how to work those harder stitches that you don’t get in beginners books
  • how to knit the characteristic fringes to edge your Mountmellick embroidery
  • why you don’t need to be afraid of cutting the fabric threads
  • hints and tips that you normally only learn in classes
  • how to fix mistakes
  • how to use your skills to work elegant Hardanger projects

Inside ‘Elegant Hardanger Embroidery’

Elegant Hardanger Embroidery: a step-by-step manual for beginners to advanced has 64 pages, containing three information packed chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Before you begin details all the materials used to create Hardanger, many of which you will probably already have in your stash! It explains how to read a Hardanger chart, and about stitching order. There are tips for left-handed stitchers and on caring for your embroidery.
  • Chapter 2: Stitch instructions and techniques works step-by-step through each stitch and technique required for learning Hardanger embroidery. The steps have text instructions and a clear diagram to show you what you should be doing. There are many helpful hints and tips to enable you to get the best results.
  • Chapter 3: Hardanger projects has fifteen beautiful projects to practice your skills. The projects, ranging from large to small have varying applications, including a table runner, hand towel, cushions, gift cards, sampler, and a scissors case. With gorgeous photographs, you won’t be able to resist them. Each project has a clear chart with step-by-step instructions detailing preparation, embroidery, construction and finishing.

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