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This is not a book about embroidery; rather it is a charming children's book that uses embroidery, fabric and felting to tell a wonderful story that is pertinent to everyone, young and old.

Beatrice Alemagna created her first picture book at just eight years of age and since then she has written and published more than twenty books for children. Her words are simple and concise but the real magic is in the illustrations. Over the years she has used pencil, paint, collage and embroidery to create images, depending on the story, and in this particular book she has chosen textiles, a perfect medium for a tale that revolves around a group of little bugs who live in a splendid multi-coloured blanket at the bottom of the garden.

Throughout the pages we are introduced to these delightful little creatures, each one with its own special traits and character, so cleverly portrayed with fibre and stitches.

Scraps of fabric, lace, bobble trim, buttons and sequins add whimsical touches to the images and you can't help falling a little bit in love with each one.

They have wonderfully expressive faces and the range of emotions portrayed is quite remarkable.

This is a fabulous book; an enchantingly simple story about endearing characters and an inspiring example of how fabric, thread and a few scraps can be used to create something that is truly magical. Even if you don't know any children to buy it for, grab a copy and give yourself a special treat.

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There are eighteen adorable and cute angel designs in this one book! With full instructions, and designs for little boys as well.
You can become someone’s angel by cross-stitching them an angel!

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