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Thimble Crowns work just like a thimble, simply stick the crown to your fingertips, they feel like a dream. They are made from reusable adhesive so you can use them again and again.

If you are an avid sewer or quilter then you need the strong and flexible Thimble crowns! These thimbles are both lightweight and strong, allowing you ease and comfort in all your sewing projects. These Thimble crowns are reusable and made from stainless steel, yet they are very comfortable to wear. They are so comfortable you can wear them all day and forget you have them on! These self-adhesive crowns work just like regular thimbles, however they are much smaller and hug your fingertips. They contain an adhesive backing that holds them in place so they do not slip or slide off your fingers. These thimble crowns will give you greater control over your needlework because of their lightweight design. Even your smallest and most delicate stitching will be a pleasure. The best part of these thimbles is that they are reusable!

This pack of thimble crowns contains one thimble and eight adhesives so you can easily keep it handy in your sewing kit, on your sewing machine, or with each of your projects so you will never be without a thimble again!

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