Artful Eggs – Six Dozen Extraordinary Ways to Decorate an Egg


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With more than 70 amazingly easy decorating techniques, there’s no “egg-scuse” for letting any egg go naked again, or waiting until Easter, because here are designs that work all year-round. Not one of the crafting skills is beyond a beginner’s grasp: if you can cut, paste, and paint, you can adorn an egg, whether it’s the real thing, or one made from plastic, pâpier-maché, styrofoam, or even wood. Découpage an egg with paper napkins, and finish it with a clear varnish to re-create the look of fine china. Need an attractive door display? Try threading specked quail eggs on silk ribbon along the edge of a charming rustic wreath. From subdued elegance to fabulous funk, there is a wide range of styles to suit every taste.

Written by Terry Taylor

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