A-Z of NeedlepointA-Z of Needlepoint

A-Z of Needlepoint

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Did you know that needlepoint, dating back to 1500BC, has been discovered in the tomb of an Egyptian Pharaoh? Or that canvaswork was practiced by the courtesans of the royal Japanese courts in the first century AD? Despite being one of the oldest forms of embroidery, needlepoint has developed many contemporary styles and is still one of the most popular types of needlework today.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the A-Z of Needlepoint will start you on a fascinating journey into the world of needlepoint or will enhance the stitch repertoire of those already travelling on this road.

This how to guide features over 1200 step-by-step photographs with detailed and easy to follow instructions for over 65 different stitches. It also includes dozens of interesting hints and tidbits to help you perfect your stitches and learn more about this versatile form of embroidery.

Softcover, spiral bound, 128 pages.
Additional Information
The world famous A-Z Series has sold more than 2.2 million copies worldwide. The 11th title in this series of indispensable needlework guides is a must have for any embroiderer.
Semi-hardcover, Concealed spiral binding, 228mm x 218mm wide, 128pp
You’ll learn the following stitches and techniques:
Algerian eye stitch, aubusson stitch, back stitch, back stitched spider web, basketweave stitch, birch stitch, brighton stitch, Byzantine stitch, cashmere stitch, chequer stitch, continental stitch, cross stitch, darning stitch, diagonal stitch, diamond eyelet stitch, double cross stitch, double herringbone stitch, double leviathan stitch, eggs-in-a-basket stitch, expanded ray stitch, eyelet stitch, fern stitch, fishbone stitch, Florentine stitch, French stitch, greek stitch, half cross stitch, half Rhodes stitch, herringbone stitch, Hungarian diamond stitch, jacquard stitch, kalem stitch, knitting stitch, knotted stitch, lead stitch, leviathan stitch, Milanese stitch, mosaic stitch, oriental stitch, Parisian stitch, perspective stitch, quick stitch, ray stitch, renaissance stitch, Rhodes stitch, rice stitch, rococo stitch, rya stitch, Scottish stitch, shell stitch, stem stitch, surrey stitch, triangle stitch, tweed stitch, vee stitch, velvet stitch, wheatsheaf stitch.


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