3 Lampshade Set – Three Sets of Instructions & Three Printed Panels


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This is the full set of Taetia’s three delightful lampshade designs!

Buy all three printed panels, with full instructions for each.

Starlight, Sunbeams, and Dream A little are the culmination of an idea that Taetia has laboured over for a few years now, lovingly drawing each original design, and stitching each one with love.

Each lampshade has its own cast of characters, all of them have their own little story to tell, and their own little song to sing!

Starlight’s creatures gaze up to the starry sky, wishing love and happiness to all!

Sunbeam’s characters bustle about with their daily chores; a grasshopper changes his pace and takes a ride on a snail, a fairy heralds the morning sun on golden trumpet, and happy bees dance amongst the blossoms.

Dream A Little sets the scene for the frog band to entertain the audience, jitter bugs do their thing on the dance floor, and Miss Mousey, with her sparkling red shoes, dances into the wee hours with her beau.

With each design printed on the panel, and complete full colour instructions, with close-up photographs, the hard part will be deciding which one to start first!

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