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We take credit card fraud very seriously. While we endeavour to provide a secure website and internet environment, users should note there are inherent risks associated with websites and the transmission of information via the internet.

We have endeavoured to reduce that risk through its practices and procotol. For example, when you submit your credit card details via our website, your details are always sent via a very safe and secure connection (128bit SSL for the tech types). This means that all the details are encrypted when they are sent, using an unbreakable encryption method. This method of encryption is the same as that used by all leading websites and is designed solely to protect your information whilst in transit.

Unlike many websites, we don’t stop there! We have taken great care to ensure that your details remain very safe after they arrive at our end. For security reasons we’re not going to discuss the details of that here.

Our credit card collection techniques comply with industry standards, as well as conforming to security requirements of our financial institution.