Triumph A4 light pad
A4 carry bag

LED A4 Light Pad with Carry Bag Special

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$170 $99.95

Product Description

Triumph A4 LED Lightbox – Tracing Light Pad – H270mm x W360mm x D8mm

New to Australia, this ultra-thin LED efficient light box. Adjustable illumination, consistent lighting, oversize A4 and lightweight.

Ideal for craft, tech drawing, school work, patch working, perfect for positioning and tracing.


  • Super bright lighting
  • 225mm x 320mm illuminated area
  • Adjustable illumination
  • Lightweight and sleek in design
  • Extra comfort working area
  • Easily fits an A4 sheet
  • Convenient touch control
  • Quick set up power supply
  • Adapter included
  • Supplied with Power Adapter 100% Australian Approved

Comes with a bag to protect the light pad