Triumph A3 light pad
A4 carry bag

LED A3 Light Pad with Carry Bag Special

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Product Description

Compact in size and comfortable to use with modern design, bright LED lights and convenient touch control it sure is a great value for your money.

Ideal for craft, tech drawing, school work, patch working, perfect for positioning and tracing.


  • Professional quality, energy-efficient LED A3 Light Pad
  • Opal diffuser acrylic for optimal lighting: bright, smooth and even light distribution across entire work surface.
  • Ultra-slim profile (only 8mm), super light-weight (less than 1.5 kg). Use on your desk, on your lap, in the classroom, anywhere you can plug in! Easy to store away and carry arround – so convenient.
  • Bright, even spread of high quality light means you have maximum workable surface – superior to any other light box in the market!
  • Touch Switch Design: you only need to touch the pad to turn on / off your light box. No protruding button, no gap, nothing to gather dust or requires maintenence.
  • The light is dimmable. You can choose the brightness to suit the particular material you’re working with – whether you’re transferring patterns onto fabric, or tracing fashion illustrations usaing a bank paper pad!
  • Energy Saving LED Technology – Uses Only 3.6 Watts.
  • Supplied with Power Adapter 100% Australian Approved.